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What We Do


Social Media Marketing

We are experienced on all social channels. We will provide your business promotions to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and Linkedin. We are social media experts, we will post x3 times daily on your chosen platforms. We understand that we need to do more in order to attract your specific audience. We engage with your target audiences and direct them to your website or preferred point of contact. Our Social Media Managers will provide your business with maximum exposure online. We have a creative mixture of video visuals, imagery, blog content, and also sponsored advertising. We will never just start posting instantly. We believe it is imperative to develop a strategy and get the go-ahead before we start posting.

Email Marketing

We design our own newsletters and create appropriate emails tailored to your business in order to attract your audience. Over time, we will build you an organic mail list. Marketing communication is one of the effective ways to remind your target audiences that you are alive and ready to help them in whatever way possible.

Graphic Designs

We can help improve your brand with business cards, logos, and website design. We design exterior and interior signage, and brochures and flyers.


We have a separate page for our virtual office assistance, however, this still has a major impact on your business. If you are falling behind on several tasks within the office, then you may just need a helping hand. We do data entry, researching, phone calls, email tidying, and much more.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the main things that will develop your business. It will start off with warm leads and potentially turn into long-term clients. We are happy to source the leads on our own, alternatively, you can provide us with data to use. We will develop your own personal call guide based on what you are wanting to achieve, or you may decide to use your own. We charge on a cost per lead basis (CPL) based on what outcome you are wanting.

Web Design

Are you in need of a new website? We can do this for you. Or you may just want to revamp the website by making some slight changes. We can do this also, after a discussion telling us how you want your website. You can have a new website design at an affordable cost. Any current clients will also be provided with a 10% discount.

Face to Face Marketing

Our team at CSW Marketing are happy to get out there and meet new people- purely just representing your business of course! It is always great exposure to go back to the good old traditional marketing strategies such as handing out flyers before all this new fancy marketing was introduced!

So In A Nutshell…

We are accommodating to all businesses, no matter how big or small, we can always find a way to match your requirements for your business. We are very respective of start-up businesses. We all have to start somewhere, we get that and will look after you 110% and beyond! Feel free to ask us about our Start-Up Packages to get your business up and running. We have several strategies we can implement into your business in order to bring more customers to you and your business. Drop us an email and get started today.